Self Flaws

I woke up like this,
Crazy bed hair, dark circles, bad breath, and weird PJs
I'm not flawless
I don't have the perfect body, or shape
I don't have the perfect life or family
In fact, I'm far from flawless
I make mistakes, I do stupid stuff
I talk back, I get into trouble.
I have ugly scars, split ends, not the best teeth, and thunder thighs.
But I guess all these flaws make us flawless.
When you accept all those flaws, all those insecurities, it makes you you.
And nothing is more flawless then the real you.
You can decide whither flawless is real or not.
But to me, the real you is all you got.
They say to be flawless and love yourself
But you can't get to step 2 without step 1
Love yourself, and then you'll see, the real you is the best to be.
The real you is flawless.


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