Self love

    You said it was because you loved me. You said that all the anger and jealousy was a trait that came with the feeling "love". You blamed my pain on your anxiety, that the one picture in your mind was me with another guy. I gave you everything, I was constantly on my knees begging for some room to breathe.       You said it was because you loved me that you would take all your anger from your anxiety out on me. You thought you had control over my body, that I was yours to own and touch at your disposal. You were like a watchdog on my phone making sure it was only your name in my notifications. You said you had your friends watching me, so I wouldn't cheat, but you were the only thing that I could ever see. The only thing that I wanted beside me.       Because you loved me, you made me feel like I was nothing without you. That I was the raindrop that dried up when the sun came up.  When you left me because you couldn't abuse me anymore, I became a new person.     I look at the mirror now saying "because I love you" I'll treat myself right. I'll make sure I go to bed feeling complete. I'll make sure that I work on fixing my depression. I'll keep myself safe from the same abusive lovers that i thought I used to love.     I know that the relationship with myself comes first. I won't abuse myself to love someone that won't put my heart first before their insecurities. Because I love myself I'll tell myself "I love you". 

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I love the message. You gotta respect someone who carries self love

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