Because I Love You.

No excuses, keep your head down, just smile. 

Because I Love You.

Hide the pain, stand up tall, Don't Let Them See You. 

Because I Love You.

I repeat to myself everyday that I am not good enough and I never will be.

Because I Love You.

I will force myself to get up and Repeat the same thing everyday. 

Because I Love You, I Broke. 


And on that day, I knelt down and cried up: I don't LOVE you. 

Looking at myself in the mirror, I said: I dont LOVE you. 

The tears streamed down my face. 

But there I stood, saying the same thing each and every day; 

I Love You. 


Each morning, 

Each day, 

I cried and smiled and cried again. 

And the broken days became broken nights, and as my mind and body became more broken, 

my God I found tape because I would not give up. 


And on this day, I look in the mirror and say the words: 

I'm Sorry, and look down at my body. 


The scars I put on myself may still be there, but the tape I forced on them to heal, 

that tape has gotten me through. 


And on this day, I can now say, I am Here. 

Because I Love You. 

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