Because I love you

I take notice of the precious moles on your nose and lips.

I see small flowers

Sprouting against the odds through grey concrete

And imagine threading them through your silken hair.

I hang on to your every word like my life depends on it.

Your voice like smooth, sweet honey

Is a placebo for a disease I don't have.


Because I love you 

I want you to be happy, and I want to be the reason why.

But if I'm not, that's fine too

Because there can be no pain in my being

So long as your crescent moon eyes still shine

And your smile still breaks through the clouds of despair

To reveal a rainbow.


Because I love you

I bare the truth, nothing short of it, 

And all of my vulnerabilities

To you and you alone.

I compare you to no one

Because you are in a world all of your own.

I long to join you in your ethereal state,

But I do not pressure you to let me in. 

You can take your time;

I am willing to wait.


Oh, but how?

How did I get so lucky 

To meet you?

This life is a mere blink 

In the eyes of the cosmos,

But you are here

Like a beautiful serendipity.

And because I love you

I am here too.

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