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A Letter to The People Who Don't Realize,


    Every person is a ship.

    When something bad happens, or the person becomes sad, their ship cracks.

    Some ships crack at the top; plain for everyone to see.

    Most ships crack further down, so one must look closely to find the imperfection.

    Other ships crack at the very bottom, so low that it can be impossible to discover the break.


    Some ships have few fractures.

    Some have many.

    Some break from the numerous fissures.

    Some crumble.


    My ship is cracked at the very bottom, near the middle.

    So no one can see.


    Water pours through the cracks in my ship.

    It is unsure how much longer it can stay afloat.



    When my ship remembers all the weight it carries,

    It doubts the ability to carry any more,   

    And how much longer it can withstand its current load.



    My ship thinks, "I can't do this anymore",

    But it does anyway.

    It must.


    No one can see the cracks, so it must carry on the perfect persona of being whole.

    Some people don't realize that everyone is a cracked ship, struggling to carry on.


    My ship hopes that all the pain will pay off in the end.

    But it is hard,

    and my ship cracks a little more.



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