Short Man, Big Thoughts

Sun, 09/27/2015 - 13:32 -- Rjartis



I am Rhett Artis

The shortest person in all my classes

But a personality to move the masses

Focused doesn’t begin to explain

Who I am and how I deal with pain

My mother passed away when I was Two

 Crohn’s disease didn’t stop her from carrying me through

Her death was caused by complications from my birth

She gave her life to give mine worth

So every day I make it a point

To do all I can, to never disappoint,

My parents and their vision for me.

It shouldn’t take to long for you to see.

That I’m Rhett Joseph Artis

A Proud Short Young man

Who lives life to the fullest

And does all that he can

When times get rough

To stay grateful and humble

And fight through all of life’s little stumbles,

Because I believe my purpose in life

Is to show everyone that it can be fun, no matter the strife

And that being alive and living are two different things

Because a lot of people are alive

But living requires you to make the most of whatever life brings.



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My family
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