I close my eyes and imagine heaven on earth
A place where the temperature never goes below 50
The sun shines in such a way that warms the soul
People are happy and respect one another
No one went hungry and there wasn’t a shortage of love
There was no fighting and loud music just the sounds of nature
The air was so clean that when you inhaled it all your worries floated away
When I looked outside my window there was no trash and filth, but beautiful oceans and forests flourishing with life and vibrant colors
Cities glistened
Everything just seemed right, but then I had to open my eyes
What was in front of me was the opposite of my dream
Outside my window was nothing but smog
No one looked at each other in fear of problems
There were no more forests just pavement
This is no heaven on earth, for it is hell itself
So I lay back down in bed not wanting to face reality
19 with a lot of physiological scars
Got to silence the voices of insecurity and doubt that were beaten into me as a child so I can function as a normal human being
No one knows the silent struggles within me
I would cry save me but it would be wasted effort
No one is coming to help
Its ok though I will do it myself
One day I will feel the warm breeze of care free living that I desperately long for
Get past the past and see beyond it
Until then I will keep moving on
Adapting to whatever is thrown at me
Leading the example for the next generation to come

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