Show Them Who Is Me

Look into this mirror and tell them who you see,


Do you see the strong, independent woman, you always claim to be,


Look into this mirror and tell them who is me,


Do you see the confused, young girl, tell them... who is she? 



I am the woman whose gpa does not define her dreams,

She was the girl whose transcript wasn't what it seems,

I am the one who gave up her only thing,

She was the girl who lost, yet gained everything,



I was lost but now I am found,


In the blackness of my night did the moon come around,


And then came the calling, so clear in its sound,


So to these aspirations, I'll forever be bound,


I am the girl who lived in Inglewood, but schooled it in Beverly Hills,

She is the girl who saw the other side, and all of its thrills,

I am the American born, but Belizean bred,

Brown skin, Brown eyes, curly hair, what else can be said,


I was the only black girl in my all white AP class,


The girl everyone glanced at, when discussing America's past,


Graduated highschool, just to give 3 colleges a pass,


That was five years ago, oh how the time travels fast,



I am the women who dreams of becoming a doctor,

She's the one who always speaks so proper,

I am the preschool teacher, and full time student,

She's the poem writer, whose always so prudent,


So who am I?


I am the woman who does not determine who she is by the color of her skin but instead the colors of flag,

I am the woman whose differences, set me apart from those who always lag,


I am the girl whose lost soul found the light,

I am the girl who never gave up on the fight,

And if you knew my story, really knew my might wonder how I smile so bright,

You might wonder how I got through it all despite the hype,


I am the woman whose life struggles can not be explained in 30 lines,

I am the woman whose gone through life missing the signs,


So who am I ?


I am the girl who looks in the mirror and thinks this can't be life,

Four years in a community college why did I put myself through the strife,


So who am I ?


I'm the person who will graduate with an associates, bachelors, and a doctorate,

I'm the person who will not let their mistakes define them


So who am I ?


I'm Chelsea Staine





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