Silence is Death

Your head pounds
Your hands shake
Your heart aches
You need a break
You start to sweat
And then you let the music take control.

Music is the drug for me
All day and all night
From the moment I wake up,
I feel the need to fill my ear drums
With guitars or drums
Hate or love songs,
Doesn't matter I need it in me.
But not just in me,
I need it throughout me.
Pumping in and out of every vein.
I want it so bad that it hurts my brain
And without it what?
Silence is left.
You're left with your own thoughts
And that is death.



This poem is about how much music means to me.


My best friend is a musician and he is amazing, as well he has been a Power Writer with me, so I am no stranger to poems about the love for music. I absolutely love how you started out with the silence and in my head I can just hear it getting louder and louder and becoming a giant symphany. It was beautiful. Thank you.


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