Your call reduces my maturity,

Seduces the majority,

Of men who set foot in your lair,

With your seductive glare,

Your song sings of addicting lust,

Less of a need but a must,

All I need is a little touch,

A substitute there isn’t such,

I need the real thing when your lyrics kiss my ear,

I will sail to my death and forget all fear,

My sails will send me to her lips to savor her taste,

Failure isn’t an option or this journey would go to waste,

Oh art thou Siren my beloved muse, that I stand guiltily accused,

For falling so deeply for her hymns,

I’m drowning so deeply in the rhymes,

That had so seductively captured me like a fish in a net,

But I will not let,

Anything come in between me and my beloved queen,

My senses turn keen,

When I smell thy sweet scent,

That descends upon my ship,

I hear thy sweet voice that has its way with my ear,

Calling me to come near,

Thy perfect image of you cast upon my eyes,

My conscience says these are lies,

Your goddess like beauty has me thinking mirage,

It’s too good to be true,

That what I see here is you,

Your song paints vivid images of your soft warming skin that shall keep me company throughout the night,

Those red rosy cheeks only add to this majestic sight,

My prize is you and you’re just out of reach of my grasp,

You’re tantalizing image test my patients as I jump into the depths of the sea,

With my head above water I take one last gasp,

Knowing my prize awaits at the bottom of the abyss I sink down in glee,

With the last thought I shall ever think of is you and me.


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