Siren At Sea

Her eyes are those of a gentle summer breeze,

Leaving me winded, leaving me wondering

Her arrival from lone departure overseas


She hardly has the chance to utter greeting

Before she’s found my loving arms

The smell of home and ocean collide

In a passionate display of love


Her lips taste like July:

Briny and crystalline whitecaps of the sea,

Yet gooey and golden like dollops of honey,

Like liquid sunshine,

Which pumps ever so earnestly through my veins

With each renewed breath my lungs can bear


She is addictive by nature;

Aggressively passionate like the tides

Whom cannot bear to depart the arms of the shore

But forgiving as the docile moon

Of which promptly reunites star-crossed lovers

Never mind the solar displeasure

That forbids such a love from partaking


I fear the ocean may one day tempt her return,

That she may be lured by the symphonies

Of the seas to depart her dearly beloved

For she is of Neptune’s fierce majesty

Swirling with an air of mystery,

But revealing not secrets untold by her depths


And within this chasm do I see myself drowning

For I cannot resist her every gaze;

I am a captive, her underwater prisoner

Surrendered to the siren song

I must find a way to know her,

In all her glorious depths;

To know what lurks beyond the light’s reach.


I, a desperate sailor

Pray that our lips may never know

The travesty of needing

To part for air


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