A Siren's Strength

Mon, 07/31/2017 - 09:20 -- Junco


I do not want to live solely on land.

I do not want to lure in men.

I don’t want to kill just because I sing.

I don’t want a man just to get a ring.

I don’t want people to love me for how I appear

I’ll earn their respect, not others’ fear.

I do not need recognition nor do I need praise.

I do good unto other on all of my days.

Grandmother told me “pride must suffer pain.”

But all I want is my skin to touch rain.

I am not a dark figure whom in the shadow lurks.

I want more than to envision the fireworks.

I refuse to die and become foam.

All I want- are the seas to roam.

I need not a man’s love to value myself.

I know who I am. A woman, no trophy on a shelf.

I refuse to give my voice away

So that I may not be free to grow up and change.

For I will be loved as I come, as I am.

Whether that be at sea, in air or on land.

I will not sell my soul; I will not give it up.

Not for others to hold; I won’t be stuck.

What I want is to explore the world

To treasure life like an oyster does a pearl.

I want to experience everything that I can.

I am Ariel of the Sea, daughter of Triton.




Beautiful. Loved it. Thank you for sharing!!


Wow, thank you so much for your kind words!

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