Snow and Hunt

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 20:52 -- lpruitt

Once upon a time there was a happy couple,

a king & queen who’s relationship would soon crumple.

The queen wanted a child,

 but the king thought this was wild.

They decided to have one anyways,

after the baby was born something happened, insane.  

The queen unexpectedly passed away,

 but of course the baby still remained.

The king got remarried and

 it was obviously very hurried.

The new queen stood in front of her mirror everyday,

 the mirror would never fail to amaze.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall.

Who is the fairest one of all?”

Then the mirror would say.

“Lady, you are the fairest one of all”

While all this was happening Snow White was getting more beautiful,

 this made the queen very mad as usual.

The queen hated the girl and was very jealous, 

and her actions proved to be very careless.

She called a huntsman and told him to take Snow to the forest and kill her,

but the huntsman had always crushed on Snow which would interfere.

When he got to her he told her the queens wishes, 

and he let her run to hide in the wilderness.

On snow whites run she found a house and

 she figured the people who lived there were out.

She was very tired and decided to take a nap,

 while she was asleep she had a nightmare of getting stabbed.  

Then the dwarfs came home and agreed to let her stay

 and the funny thing is they didn’t even want her to pay.

They told her she had to take care of the house and

 that she should never leave the house to go browse. 

Just as the queen thought she was dead, 

her mirror told her what we all dread.

The queen came to Snow herself this time but as a little girl,

 she offered her some ice cream with a swirl.

Snow was delighted and took the ice cream and ate the whole pound,

but when the dwarfs came home they saw Snow passed out on the ground.

They woke her and she described what happened,

 so the dwarfs did something you would never imagine.

They killed the queen and

made sure that they were never seen.

Snow’s father was getting old so

 snow decided to do something quite bold.

The huntsman proposed and

 they had a wedding that was closed.

They became the king and queen, sharing lots of laughter….

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and they lived happily ever after.