So They Settle for What "He" Had To Offer


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United States
32° 46' 33.4272" N, 97° 24' 1.0332" W


Simply  platonic in his admiration

With an affection one could only mistake for love 

But no. 

It is not. 

More like another scheme to rip up another dream nestled in the heart of a young girl to quench a thirst he simply failed to mention, 

or maybe he did'nt need to because of the signals he sent with the knowledge this young girl would miss them

and she does. 

oblivious to her own strength.

She's a young girl searching for approval from herself at the very least 

but she could'nt find it there so she settles for what he has to offer

not realizing it was all in a plan to continue a trend.

She'd already built herself on what she now see's as lies, telling herself she's beautiful, she's bright, and that she's so strong

again only equipping herself to think she can stand against an ongoing trend that doesnt foreshadow an end 

its a trend that if it isnt broken it could tarnish an entire generation of young girls searching for approval from themselves at the very least but can't find it

so they'll settle for what he had to offer...


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