So Why Say You Love Me

I'm falling and yet you just stand there watching me, I am alone but noy in darkness, I feel as if I should run but yet my legs wont move.Why would I let you say the you love me when I know you dont mean it? Why do you stay when I can see you want to leave? Your here I know but how long will that last? How long wil it take for you to fine the one you love more then me. You say you wont leave but i can see it in your eyes, i see it everytime I cry you know I'm right so why wait when their out there waiting for you. You can go and brake all thats left of me it's okay go ahead you have my heart so just rip it in to i don't care anymore. My life is over but yet your still here. Holding whats left and trying to fix me. I'm bleeding yes but not from the inside but from the outside. My heart may beat for you and in my mind your still mine, so there you go just watching me fall again and brake into pieces, my wrists are bleeding, my hearts in pieces and all you can do is stand and stare while the rain is falling from mid-air. Tears are falling and you are leaving just like i knew you would but yet you still say you love me. How can i love you when all i know is your not mine anymore, you belong some eles, your not mine and yet you walk away still saying you love me and you never meant to hurt me but there you go leaving and hurting me all at the same time so much for that working. Come back is all i want to say but nothing is coming out but tears, so why say you love me the kiss wont last and yet I want to hang on just one more time but your walking away and I'm still bleeding so now i say good bye and sow the piece of my heart back to gether with the picture of you in my mind and a again tears, rain, and blood fall.

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