Soaring Like A Bird

Tue, 12/20/2016 - 10:40 -- Motag

I feel as though I’m trapped inside a box.

 I try my hardest to beat down the walls,

But the ticking of clocks gets louder.

I know my time for a decision is close to an end,

 But is this pressure necessary.

I don’t want to feel trapped because of pressure.

I want to be free.


I want to feel free,

Like the birds flying in the sky.

 I want to soar in the sky

 Without a worry through my mind.

 I want to be able to travel throughout the world

With no limitations like them.

 I would love to fly among the clouds.

 I would love to smell fresh air.

But, this is all a dream,

 And I will only be a dreamer.

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