Sometimes I...


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Sometimes I need time
Time for just me
Time to let my thoughts run free
That's when I turn to poetry

Sometimes I just need to vent
To say things when I'm mad
Stuff that might sound bad
Or write about that makes me sad

Sometimes I overflow with happiness
Like when I pass a really hard life test
Or when I feel at my best
Even when I've been able to actually rest

Sometimes I need to express my love
To say things I can't just openly say
Maybe I'll be able to one day
But not today, so in my poems my thoughts will stay

Sometimes I have a hard decision to make
One I just can't decide on which way to go
Pulling this way and that way like a car on a tow
Poetry helps me figure out what I need to know

Sometimes I need a safe place to be vulnerable
Maybe my heart is secretly breaking
Or my world keeps violently shaking
No matter the reason these words are mine for the taking

Sometimes I write just because I can
No matter the reason, the words are mine
My soul seeps through every line
And nothing can stop me when my thoughts and paper combine


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