Sometimes I Can't Sleep

Sometimes I can't sleep

I stay up at night 

Trapped in my own mind, 

unable to control me.


Sometimes I can't sleep

Because the demons take over 

And I can't fight them on my own


Sometimes I can't sleep

because the nightmares are so bad

I just fight my comforter until I wake up



Sometimes I can't sleep

Because I'm crying so hard

I can't breathe


Sometimes I can't sleep 

Because I hear my parents conversation in the other room

Talking about me

How I'm not good enough


Sometimes I can't sleep 

because the thoughts inside my head 

pull me under and I start drowning.



Sometimes when I can't sleep,

I listen to the demons,

accept the thoughts,

agree with my parents' unkind words


Sometimes I can't sleep

So I fall apart

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