A Song By All Of Us

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 04:28 -- D.Perez

Dear child, here's to us,


Do you see it?

Feel it?

Hear it?

Smell it?

Sense it?


Take a moment.


What do you feel?

Your chest expands, then deflates,

your blood rushes through you at lightning speed

your tongue is settled and then not,

your eyes blink: one, two, recount. one, two, one, two, one, two

you do this, every second of every day, every day of every week, every week of every year

Did you know?

Did you feel?


Take a moment.


The intertwined breathing of living entities all around,

singing, yelling, sleeping, smiling, crying, sighing,

Every rush, every grin, every tear, every laugh, every beat

We are a part of something so magnificently grandiose

Feel the rhythm, a continuous song in unison, its contour a breath

We are alive, me, you, we, us


Do you see it now?

Feel it now?
Hear it now?

Smell it now?

Sense it now?


And tomorrow

and the next day, and the next

Until one day, when we lay back to feel the unified breathing once again

Ours will be the crescendo of a long song well played

Transient while present,
a solid caesura

but the rhythm is there

It plays our song, as it always will,

gentle lullabies a harmony, exhilarated cheering the interlude, a child's giggle the refrain

our last breath the cadence


Did you see it?

Feel it?

Hear it?

Smell it?

Sense it?

Did you experience the world?


I hope you do, we are all playing a part in the tempo,

it takes love to feel and hear and smell and sense,

It takes love to live


Sincerely, the me and we

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Our world
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