Speaking Ones Mind


The words are boiling in my blood.

To speak of things yet unsaid.

I take a pen and let it bleed.

Innocent pages white now red.


I dare not seal these words of mine.

They’d haunt me till I die.

I’ll lay them before mens eyes.

If you dare, read these words of mine. 


Don’t lecture before your done.

The words are simple, but canny at best.

It may surprise your mind so bright.

So read, think and ponder a while.


Lecture away if there is something untrue.

For I’m no fool to disregard truth.

I am all ears so let your point be said.

Let it be know no fool will be listened to. 


I am a writer of varying degrees.

I hold no medals or PhDs.

All I hold is a pen that bleeds.

Hold me to truth is my creed. 


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