Spectrum Skies

Spectrum Skies


From violet to indigo, green to yellow, orange to red

My opinions they flow like a little brave fellow

, and reflection it goes Its the hashtag of my life

Looking back in the mirror to see the very reflection that declares my present and my future life

My image am I proud of it

Not quite, but Im working on it

As God knows he's working on me 

I know that one day I will be what he has called me to be

From the bottom of the hill to the top I flow 

My determination is like a spectrum and it goes

By spectrum I mean that everything that I see and say changes because I refuse to stay stagnant

One color, its not my friend, it may be what the world declares I am

But what the world doesn't know is that I stand as a soldier who will fight to the end

The love that I feel is not from this world but from my father above who will never forget

Forget me, forsake me, he said in his word that he wouldn't

And no he hasn't….The peace that I feel its like a spectrum because there are different phases

The closer I get to Him the more peace I experience…

My life is a spectrum sky because through my Lord I stand and I rise 

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