Wed, 08/28/2013 - 17:56 -- Love_Me

No matter where we go

our skin color stands out.

In the grocery,

the mall,


Why you may ask,

it's manily because of the sterotypes people implant

on people of color.



High School Drop-Outs, 

No lives or future ahead of them

There is more to us than just sterotypes.

We contribute more than people know.

One after another black teen falling into grasp of the streets

Or the hands of a gun. 

Justice still not being served for 

Travyon Martin and tons of other kids 

from minority groups.

We need our voices to be heard 

But theirs should be the loudest voice of them all.

All it takes is one person to speak

to get a whole community to rise for what is right.

We need to stand together to show people 

that there is people and a community 

that cares for them.

We are the people 

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