Stars Dying

They say even people like me

Can see miracles if they just believe

I am not just a face in an endless ocean

Of pride and lust and unwavering devotion


What stares me down

Is the girl with her head in the clouds

What's shaken me now

Is the thunder of her voice and how it sounds


You keep dragging me through your wisdom of the ages

Don't you know that it was written by men and not by mages

Hear me out now

You can't just keep your head in the clouds


You are scrutinizing me with every breath

You promise me I'll regret this by my death

I promise I swear to God that I'm okay

Just because I'm not chanting along

Does it mean that I am living the wrong way


Can you ever be down to earth

Breathe in the salt within the dirt

Can you look out to sky

And see that you are a part of the night

Just atoms smashing

Just ions arranging

Just cells changing


Just neurons firing

Just stars dying




Wow. Amazing. It has left me utter speechless. You're very talented


Thank you. You are entirely too kind and I always love feed back. Bless you.

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