state of righteousness

bless any man who fears The Lord

who listens and embraces his everyday commandments

that will keep us from perish before our time

his descendants that listen will be might on earth

who is not from of this world physically

who is in the world with The Lord spiritually

the generation that's in utter chaos needs to be upright

so He can bless them

wealth and riches will be in the house of God 

money is not above Him

the righteousness endures forever

it suppresses the oppression of evil

unto the upright of light that sheds darkness to those who are blind, deaf, & naive

He is graciously compassionate where the infiltration of love injects life to souls who are weak

a man of God deals cheerfully and lends graciously

God will guide his actions with perfect discretion

surely, man will never shaken nor frighten

righteous is an ongoing everlasting remembrance of maturity & obedience

man will not act cowardly when evil lurks

his heart is steadfast with faith, trusting The Lord in everything

his heart is establish, his thought is well understood

his works for The Lord is endless

until he sees his desires upon his enemies

dispersed abroad

gives to the poor

righteous that endures forever

His name is exalted forever

the wicked will be seen and feels grieved

teeth will gnash and decay to where it's being washed away

any desire of wickedness will be cut off and perish


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Our world
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Amen, this sounds like one of the psalms.. powerful 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

similar to the book of psalms with a twist that's not taken out of context

because that would not be the words of God

the bible spoke to me so i speak to the bible



Young M

great advice,

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

advice from The Lord

the bible speaks to me so i speak to it in a way that needs to awake people from the dark

check out my other poems

thanks 4 the support 

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