Stop Hiding Behind The Screen

Mon, 10/28/2013 - 17:58 -- Joecy


You judge that person for who they love

but you love to do the same thing that they do

but your hiding behind curtains and closets

because your afraid of what people may say about you

your afraid because your dad wont love you if he found out what you do or who you love and

you date someone you dont love and you probably will never love them but you stay with that person just to make your parents proud

but you dont realize that if that person found out they would be three times more hurt than your parents will ever be

cause you lead them on for so long that they actually belived that you loved them as more than a friend

and after what you do to them the two of you will never be friends so stop hiding behind the black screen and

be proud of who you are and stop picking on the person next to you because of who they are.

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