STOP! Killing healthy cells


When learning that multiple people in were told that they had cancer they took chemotherapy and radiation. The symptoms from taking the treatments involved nausea and hair loss. Watching a food matters documentary about why the food that you eat needs to be the most important factor of surviving in the world. I learned that there is another therapy that could be better to use rather than using medicine called the Gerson plus nutritional therapy it uses of organic and raw foods. Using this therapy allows patients to get better without damaging healthy cells. It allows your body to heal without using harmful toxics chemicals that chemotherapy and radiation use. It also explained how this therapy is illegal in most countries and just a few were legal. Knowing that this practice is illegal makes me want a change because it is a study that is beneficial to the human body and it would stop the pharmaceutical companies from harming and putting out medicines that are not even trialed more than once. I also want the community to know what the pharmaceutical companies are doing to their bodies. If I was challenged to talk about Gerson plus nutritional therapy and make a change I would still make the same decision, because I want more people to live in America rather than an increased death rate of a disease that can be solved in a healthier way. Without society knowing what other types of disease that does not involve chemicals and toxics but it involves an increased amount of nutritional supplements. I know that challenging the idea of toxic chemicals vs. nutritional therapy I would chose nutritional therapy over anything chemical wise.


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