A Strange Little Habit

Frail like a rabbit

with eyes like a deer,

A strange little habit

for a child, timid and queer.


A tiny nose stuck in books

and a mind that lived in those tales,

A child was hiding in small nooks

to find security for being so frail.


A skinny young girl

as voracious as a vulture

with hair in messy, thick curls

was obsessed with the fairy tale culture.


She lived her life through stories

found in the pages of her novels

while the others thought she was boring

and made forts and sculptures from bottles.


They couldn’t understand her,

but neither did they try.

No one ever even bothered,

and all she wanted to do was cry.


She was lonely and afraid,

trapped in a world all her own.

In that world, no one could save,

but she was safe from the evil that was shown.


Like the knights, they wielded swords,

but these took a different shape.

For their blades were made of words,

and they soiled her with their violent rape.


One day, the words ceased to have power,

because the girl  made a wonderful find.

She found that she had no reason to cower

because at last she had found some of her kind.


The girl began to grow

and blooming like a blossom

The awkwardness she had shown

made her seem less solemn.


A young lady with a kind soul

and a gentle smile had taken

the child who believed in fairies and trolls,

and her true form had awakened.


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