The Stranger


United States
38° 28' 0.6708" N, 122° 35' 37.7808" W

In the fog of the distance,
impatient, searching for you.
A faceless creature with features blurred,
blurred by the ominous presence
of the fog, thick and frightening.

A cautious and insecure step,
you find yourself closer to the stranger,
filled with a lack of trust and sureness,
yet curiosity commands you to continue foward,
like a gravitational force

You can see her more clearly now,
the ability to observe her shape
comes to you with each step
until her face is finally revealed.

A vague and momentary sense of familiarity
vanishes with the chilling night wind
and as she extends her hand,
it finds yours with uncertainity

Waiting in the fog of the distance,
her eyes look up to seek yours,
the recollection of her name slaps you
across your startled face as you realize

it is your own.


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