You are a beautiful stranger
You haunt my dreams
Wandering around in them
Causing unease

Who are you
What is your name
Where did you come from
Handsome stranger

Your voice unspoken
Your face unseen
You are only a shadow; ashen...
I only wish these

For I have seen your face
Heard your voice
Felt your touch
Of which I had no choice

Your voice soothing, like a caress
Your face an example of imperfect fairness
You are two things partly:
The outstanding gentleman at the champagne party
And the mystery that skulks in the night
You are the perfect mixture of dark and light

Sometimes, hidden...
By your coat and hat
You disappear suddenly;
Just like that!

Who are you, beautiful stranger?
Do you dwell
In heaven or hell
Or perhaps between the astral planes or realms?
Tell me what they call you...
My handsome stranger...

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