A Strangers Soul


i never been a stranger to the cold ,never been a stranger to the loneliness ,never been a stranger to the lies never been a stranger to the dark and husky nights .It's gotten to the point where i would perfer it to be night just to enjoy the bright and glimmering street lights by myself ive never been a stranger to my tears and the one of others.  I've never been a stranger to the distance i place between me and the people i love and the distance they place between them and me i. in the end i became a stranger to myself, but you still look me in my eyes. the window that gives you access to my soul. I have my father's eyes so which soul are you looking at? i couldnt tell you even if i knew. my soul within have been lost for awhile and i feel it growing thin, but the other soul inside me i didnt get to know so well.That soul that is so strong only left his memories, but the body that the soul originated from has been put to rest, like my voice and everything that mattered..so when you look in my cold eyes you will still see a stranger.

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