The power that lies within 

it can be felt when you loose hope 


It’s a part of you that cannot be forgotten

It stays with you every step you take in life


It’s there when you call out for help 

It’s there when your happy and proud 

It’s there when your sad, about to fall 


At times when your week

 people around comfort you 

It gives you new hope to take steps ahead 

It brings the power within you back 


At times when your alone 

It’s there to hear you

It comforts you  


It hears you out 

It helps you when your stuck in situations 

When you have no place to go 

No place to think 

Just stuck in the middle 


This power is only given by you 

It is never lost

it stays with you every breath at a time 


Be happy  it stays forever 

it’s there when it’s needed


It will always guide you thought out life 

From start to Finish 



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