Strip for Me

Tue, 10/30/2012 - 10:56 -- DayDay

Strip For Me
She said she wanted to have sex with strings attached;
Only to her arms and wrist.
Said she had,
had her heart broken far too many times to even consider walking down that road again
said she only wanted to partake, in the physical.
Said she, wanted me to fill her chest, with my treasure;
Then afterwards, pretend like I had never even met her.
But there was something about the way her insides taste after they had
Marinated over night, that made me ponder
What it would take to have this woman wake up next to me
Every single morning for the rest of my LIFE
To A-bandon my fears of abandonment,
To make every woman who has come before her a blur!
See the
Fact of the matter is
I want to re-invent the wheel with her.
I want to find different reasons to be in love every single minute
That's why I contemplate different positions to keep her interested
Each and every single time that I'm IN IT!
That's why I treat her sweet like Holy Water.
Trying to absorb every single drop into my skin
So when I'm
Going through the rickamaroe of my day
I can
Always revert back to her scent, so I told her...
To strip for me.
First I told her to take of that thing that makes it frightening for her to commit
And commit to getting rid of it!
Told her to take off the stigma of failed relationships in the past,
Told her to forget about her ex,
Told her to take off all the baggage, and just stand in front of me...naked!
Told her sex was cool
But making love, was sacred!
Told her to forget about the past one's behavior
Forget the days where the only number you had to get in touch with him/her;
Was a pager
Forget how (s)he
Disrespected you in front of your girlfriends and neighbors!
Forget how you
Stayed up until the wee hours of the morning
Loosing years off of your life.
Wondering if he was gonna even bother to come home tonight.
Forget about the
Bumps and the bruises,
The lies and excuses
Forget about the mediocre love making that made you feel cheap every time,
Because in MY EYES
You're a virgin;
As pure as the blackest night.
Sure you've given your body away a few times,
But you never bothered to open up your mind!
And in the same way that the moon has power over the sea
And I won't be satisfied until you come 7 times
Why 7?
Because 7 is the number of completion,
It serves notice to the creator
That we two together have found peace within,
I want you to strip for me.
Take off the memories of every,
Ill-fated one-night stand,
Every failed second chance
Every night you stayed up wanting romance.
Take off all the years of misery
Believing you had to endure all the BULLCRAP, because ya'll had
I want you to unbutton the suffering,
Unzip the unhappiness
I want you to SLIDE OUT of the doubt, because it's all about you.
Every time I step into the room, I'm consumed by the power that exudes from your womb.
And, they were fools not to pay homage to a Goddess; your body is timeless.
I want you to strip for me
I want you to stand in front of me soul bare
Spirit exposed
Mind open
Believe you deserve love just like the next,
Believe that your body can be used for far more than just sex
I want you to strip down
Then I want to go down!
Taste what slave masters risked there lives for,
What grown men are willing to risk their lives for.
After you strip down, these walls will tell the story of two people who made love with such passion
That the Almighty himself couldn't understand it
I want you to strip for me
Emotionally, then
I want you to trust me, then
I want you to love me, then
I want you to touch me.
I want us to start anew.
Baby I want you to strip for me,
Because I've already stripped for you


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