Stuck Between The Transition Between

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 03:29 -- MT25-3


Stuck Between The Transition Between Hard Times And Sucess,

It's Oh So Hard To Not Stress, 

My Soul Intact, But My Mind, In Mesh 

Good And Foul Intentions Sowen Into A Soild/ Flimsy Net

Mixed Emotions, Makes It So Much More Hard Pressed,

Is This The Lord Just Issuing His Test ?,

The Devils After Me And He Knows What Makes Me Tick , 
When I Think Of How He's Playing Me, Its Makes Me Sick 
The Answers So Clear, Yet So Hard To Pick 

Stuck In This Limbo, But I Refuse To Fail, 

I Managed To Survive These Streets With Police And Enem-igo's On My Tail 
So Many Close Calls, But Without The Lords Blessing,

I Would Be Dead Or Stuck In Jail, No Bail 

No One Can See What I Feel, They Can't Tell

So Much Emotion  Trapped In My Body I Need To Yell, 
I Just Wanna Be Heard , I Wanna Be Felt , 
We All Disconnected, So No Ears Can Really Listen,

If It Aint About Money Or Girls, Friends Tend To Be Distant
Family Dissconnected, We Barely Gettin By, So No Chrismas   

Im Free, But My Minds Trapped In Prison
Untill You Take A Walk In My Shoes, You Have No Opinion, On How Im Living




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