Stuck in a Dilemma

The words on the signs
and the threat of the whites
are what keep us out.

Stuck in a dilemma:
do we keep our heads down
and go on with our unfair lives
accepting what is reality,

Or do we think about
our kids who need us
to raise them,

Or do we think about
our kids who need us
to give them a better future,

Or do we brave the storm and
fight for our rights
no matter what the cost,
even if the cost is life itself?

We are a tired people
running on empty
yet trudging on.

Keeping the faith and
staying hopeful
that the sun will finally shine
on these dark times.

Waiting for someone to realize
that color is just color
and that the melanin in our skin
should be disregarded
when dealing with rights.

Longing for someone to give us
what is our right
as humans:
equality and freedom.

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