Stuck Inside

How do I get out?

I have been locked in for so many years.

Hidden behind a bunch of lies,

Hidden by her fears.

Clutching on for my sanity,

Trying to break free.

This girl I am trapped inside,

Refuses to let me leave.

I am the truth unspoken,

The tears gone uncried.

The anger tucked away.

The sadness which she smiles over.

I am the truth, and she is afraid.

She crams lies upon me,

So afraid the truth will cry out.

I whisper for her to tell the truth,

Maybe instead I should have yelled.

I punch at her walls,

A headache she will get.

I scratch at her insides,

Until she cries, “I am in your debt.”

Slowly she begins to unravel,

Truth spilling out in tears of guilt,

From keeping me locked in.


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