Stuff You Can't Say to Your Teacher


Hey you! Stop right there,

Those are the five words I never fail to hear.

In the hallway or inside the classroom,

If a teacher sees you in an outfit a little out of dress code, you are very much doomed.

Don't ever, ever try to go the other way,

If they have already seen you, I.S.S. for the day is what they will most likely say.

I honestly don't see why dress code is the biggest concern,

When the concern shoud be what they teach us in the classroom and what we all learn.

Focus on the books and not the clothes!

Why do the teachers do these things? Who really knows.

I really want to know why they try to send us away,

When all they should truly want is for us to learn the lesson and stay.

But I dont know how teachers operate,

Maybe we will all find out one day.



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