Congress responded;
Undisgraced and confirmed.

The light shines bright,
Quietly flickering.

Angela K Brown

American Dream

It is a land who took in huddled masses;
With a promise to fulfill their dreams.
America gave the right to free speech;
With the right to protest and petition.
America gave the right to worship any religion;
With to practice your faith without any restrictions.
America gave the right to carry an armed weapon;
That granted the right to have protection.
America forbid the right to invade our homes;
A place where the army dare not roam.
America gave the right to a fair trial;
Where man could prove himself beyond reasonable doubt.
America gave the right to vote;
So every man and women could pick the candidate of choice.
America gave the right to healthcare;
Where every child could see a doctor.
American gave the right to clean air and water;
Where no man would die because all lives matter.
America was a land where man could pursue his dreams;
And to every American it is not always what it appears to be.
People from every race risked their lives to live free;
Americans now question what freedom means.

Angela K Brown

American Partide

Life is not fair, people fight wars
People disagree, people feed on
The right to dominate other races
In how we percieve.

We want to change our old ways.
We won't be held back
from getting our way.
We won't be told what we
Can't do.

So we fight wars against our
Woes, we wage war against
our foes, we fight for justice,
We take risks, at the cost lives,
with open fists.

We fight because we deserve
better, and we change what
we want because it is moral.

Angela K Brown

Born In The Usa

There are biases within my race and culture
We are blinded by looks and divided by gangs
To live in any place is not safe on the streets
We are always competing with our needs
In my culture we represent one skin color
We come from many breeds
We speak different dialects of English
We are separated yet equal in some extint
We are Americano, Black Indians and Africanas
We are islanders, Latinos and Japanese
Because we are different, we are not treated the same
Defining an common ground so we won't stray
Coming from different backgrounds is no problem
Where we are what we eat, in whose company we keep
But our cultural environment is how we represent
It is what defines us and makes us distinct

Angela K Brown

For Sale: Baby Shoes; Never Worn

In this journey
I am blessed
to see you smile
to feel loved
to be held
Are the tears of hope
To bring joy
to find happiness
to celebrate life
Are the tears that flow
The glow in your eyes
the warmth of your smile
the grace of your beauty
to give life
to have a child
is the gift you bring
And to give birth to a child
in my life
is a true blessing

Angela K Brown

I Am

I am a woman with needs
Where I am weak I seek retribution.

I am a woman with needs
I have refuge in finding my destiny.

I am a woman with needs
I demand to have respect.

Angela K Brown


If you were a flower,
I would be the seed.
If you were a tree,
I would be the roots.
If you were earth,
I would be the moon.
If you were a cloud,
I would be rain.
If you were a fish,
I would be the sea.
If you were a tear,
I would be the ocean.

Angela K Brown


Eyes wide shut,
I can see the dead caucuses
of ash and dust mites eating at my flesh.
I have become the old tired drunk suicide.
My bones aching and tired
of reasons to move, to communicate,
expand and move on.
Images of decayed rusted and
starving dreams die. I age with desire
of being strong. Weak and tired,
I am holding on. One eye shut,
I can feel the voices
peeling away my flesh,
letting go, holding on,
wanting to be loved.
The voices stitch the seams
of my soul, moving on from the dark
to discover hope.
The trumpets playing
their musical ensemble,
pa pa papaya pa pa, pa pa pa,
pa pa, pa pa. Light pierce through
the wounds of joy.
Echoing sounds before my dreams.
I'm not asleep yet....
We are within a storm
facing a struggle over.
I fail, I rise, I fall, I stand tall.

Angela K Brown


Women were taught there place is in the home;
It is where men always felt women belonged.
Women were taught to keep quiet;
Let men run things, while in doubt.
Women were taught to have children;
To cook and clean, 'cause they can't make
it alone.

Women learned her worth to men;
When she found her voice within.
She went to school and she redefined her purpose;
She began to work and stayed focus.
She learned to fight for right and wrong;
She learned to her place is where she belonged.

Angela K Brown


If I were to tell you
what someone told me,
I might miss a detail or two.
I hold inside broken dreams,
broken lies,
broken promises I step aside.
Black and white
Im rage, love and hate
like two birds in a bush.
With all the rage and madness
What am I left to do.
Thoughts of suicide,
race through my mind
from time to time
I racing time.
Black and white
I heard the rumors
A thousand times
I ain't goin no where,
I break down in cry.
My tears flowing
into the river of life.
Black on white
building blocks of promise
we live in fear
danger is near.
Black and white
I'm afaid of the dark
I can not trust
I do not know
this course of history.
Black and white
have become the colors
no one understands.
we are in troubled waters
pointing at words of blame
at one another
waiting in the waters of pain
you hating me
I am not like you
I hating you
You don't know me
well enough to spread
those rumors.
Black and white
in all hatread
love and war
the rumors spread
got our feelings hurt,
by the words being shared
in truth and dare,
we are both confused
and unaware,
we failed to forgive
we dared to learn to channel our hate
in goodnes and health
we build these walls
we made these walls
we bcome these walls
we tear down these walls
we rise, we fall
life is not a game
we love, we hate
one in the same
I must define my purpose
with the words needed to say

letting go

Angela K Brown

Unlawful Arrest

Why can't things change?

I am a witness to young kid dying, without a chance
That child is our sons murdered without due cause
Unable to fight back stray bullets aimed killing his heart
To be gunned down marked invalid on dark streets

Is it because our cries are not heard?

I saw the young man dying without resisting arrest
On the streets of disparity where laws are unjust
The young man is one in one community of peers
The harsh reality of blaming politics, hate is killing our kids

Is our community to blame?

A stray bullet piercing at the heart of a brother
A deadly choke hold, a man took his last breath
A sniper took his life with a bullet to his head
A deadly assassin murdered a boy execution style

Am I to blame?
And we all fall down...

Angela K Brown


Not all countries have the right to vote,
So they protest are slaughtered on the
Street. The people they want to vote in
Office are murdered. People placed in jail
and people are scared. People fear
that not every vote matters. The elections
are not fair as if no one cares. The candidate of
your choice never had a chance,
because the voting booths were rigged.
Another one wins and who was selected,
by popular vote and underreprented.
Casing your vote was taken away because hope
To having new man is blown away.

Angela K Brown


If it were his words;
I heard them,
But failed to listen.

If it were his antics;
I took for granted,
Because I did not understand.

If it were his demeanor
I accepted it,
Because I failed to pay attention.

If it were his lies;
I believed it,
Because it looked promising.

If it were his arrogance;
I supported it,
Because it was domineering.

If it were his absurdity;
I ignored it,
Because his words seemed credible.

If I neglected to see reality;
I took him at his word;
And now I am paying for it.

Angela K Brown

What's Up

What's Happening?
What's Up Wit Us?
What's Going down?
What do you do with a broken heart?
I do not know how it came to this..
My heart opened, exist to resist.
My sanity has drawn the line.
Love and hate, my love is color blind.
Wrong skin, wrong color, wrong gender -
I have this problem.
The problem nearly killed him.
Afraid to walk in his shadow,
with the idea of being afraid.
Wrong colors, wrong skin, wrong age,
wrong gender. Afraid of loving him.
I should be crazy to love this man.
I thought, I should have been the one,
before me, before I leave,
with him telling me,
love lost its meaning,
loved divided us, defined us,
destroyed us.
I should have been the one,
telling him who I am,
who I will to be,
will to be strong, feelings I do not belong,
I do not know why love hurts so bad.
Scandelous walls divide us, deny us, hide us.
raped, my identity stolen, my heart broken.
Eliminate the pain inside,
when you took my child,
I want to die,
My last will gone, wrong,
done might cost me
my life. Ice me, slice me.
Burn me eternally. an inferno of love.

What do you do with a broken heart?
I do not know how it came to this..
My heart opened exist to resist.
My sanity has drawn the line.
Love and hate, my love is color blind.

Angela K Brown

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My community
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Our world