I’m going to be everything that I want to be. So I am going to be what I want to be.
I want be successful;
In my early 20’s with my life unstressful.
I want to have a couple of million dollars saved up just so I can I can give back too;
I’m not the type of person that would grind to the top and forget you.
Or even those who held me up when I was down like pull able gravity
I pay those back in homage through my pursuit of happiness.  
The first on my bucket list is to get my mom’s a castle;
With her room on the top floor as if she was Rapunzel.
It seems like society have us as people in a time capsule;
with no windows, oxygen or even people to turn next too.
However, I will break through, cause who else will?
I won’t stop my pursuit until I have at least a billion in will;
And have on the dopest designer clothes looking so ill,
With a girl so trill, while having my whole family on somebody’s island just to chill.
This is real
My reality,
I’m going to be everything I want to be. So I am going to be what I want to be.
Im going to be successful;
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