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Sue you’re seven now.

You’ve gotten so big.

Hopefully you know of nothing.

Nothing that happened.


You won’t see him the same after you hear.. what happened.

I can already see that you love Tito more than him.

Looks like that’s your real father now.

But he’s not. He’s been with you since you were three.


Sue don’t think life isn't precious cause of this;

Think of it as a whole in your heart, that will expand until you let it.

When you think you’ll have no one.

You have me.


I know I was never the best brother, but I tried.

I didn’t know how to be one, just as he never knew how.

So, don’t blame him. Don’t blame him.


You never saw her cry,

You never saw him lie after lie.

Your mother and I were too weak.

Too weak to accept the fact.

He wasn’t that, who we thought.

You won't be weak.

You’ll be the one to stand up to what me and your mother couldn’t.

The one to show our pain and our sorrow. To him.


You were still in her stomach when everything went down.

It was like going down Main St.

You know, that street is so long.

We kept going down that street, thinking of everything we’ve gone through.

Than that light at the end of the street shun.

It was you.



This poem is about: 
My family


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