Get your own big chair.

I think it has been long overdue. 

You should just grow some beard hair,

and buy some new fucking shoes.


Those words will never be spoken now,

we're head over heels in shame,

I don't think that I will ever have the time to grow,

because the metal I keep causes too much pain.


My collegues and I watch the wall,

the concrete that keeps freedom in,

but my own freedom is rolled up in a ball,

and stuck in me deep from within.


Time has come for me to take the shot,

a littler girl who got too close to the gate,

my tears are getting wet and hot, 

and I'm sealing both of our fates.


Her red hat turns crimson at the second,

I think that maybe a date with my gun is long overdue,

crimson spills until I can't seem to mend,

and now I really do need to buy new fucking shoes.

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