Summer Blues

Thu, 07/11/2013 - 22:09 -- Lady C.

Sleeping in can have its Pro's or like friends, it can be a foe. Having nothing to do can be gruesome. No friends to hang out with, no boyfriend to call, no side-kick to hang out with at the mall.

Unlimited intermet, snacks and food, heat and boredom and a so-so kinda mood. Just today something happened. Made me uneasy, I seem to keep losing things, a library card, an I.D., my glasses, my keys. I don't know how or why these things happen to me.

I'd hate to have to turn my room upside down for a scavenger hunt and find things I haven't used in months. The #1 things I'll be looking for probably won't appear, but I'd be stuck cleaning my room for  at least a year. Writing a poem about my mishaps have been fun, but my worries still weigh a ton. I was hoping to finish off a trilogy, the third book was last, but since my library card went M.I.A, that dream is now in the past. Katniss will have to wait, But not too long I hope. Even though I want some things that are missing, and those things I won't bother listing, will show up sooner or later I'm praying. 

In the mean time, I'll use my own library, which is free of all cost. And I won't get fined if things get lost. Off to bed now, or wherever it is I go, back to my laptop, youtube, and pre-recorded shows.


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