With every passing moment every message that I read

I often look back at them and all I feel is regret


I would have took the world and wrapped it up all nice for you

I always tried to cheer you up at times when you where feeling blue


I really thought you where the best, better than the rest

And every time I heard your name, my heart would beat out it’s chest


Pretentiously you think you’re even more mature than me

You couldn’t open your eyes, I failed to help to you see. 


I look into your eyes 

And see the devil in disguise 

Are you really that surprised

Listen here, don’t deny


Everything I did for you

The good, the bad, the crazy too

The love, the lust, the hurt, the pain

Because of you, I went insane


It’s not okay 


Even still, I do not feel any hate 

But instead I feel distrust 

What once was love is now disgust  


You fabricate your pain

I see right through you, babe

Come at me with your pity points I guarantee I won’t be swayed 


Give up, your puppet broke

And has a free will of its own 

Bitch, look at what you’ve done

The war has only just begun 


For me 


I’ll fight the painful memories 

Of all the hurt you have caused me

Made me feel like I was nothing 


You never listened to me

You never changed for me 

Never opened your eyes for me

You lied and lied and lied to me


You where my sunshine

You brightened up my dull life

Shame that in all the confusion 

It was just a damn illusion 


Yeah you hurt me real bad

But now I can’t not turn back 

Youre who have hurt me the most 

I feel your hands around my throat 


To silence me

But that shit ain’t going to work on me

I hope you know that I will be dragging you down to hell with me 


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