Sweet Lies

Look into my eyes and 

Tell me pretty lies 


Wrap your warm hands around my heart 

And smash it into pieces 


Cause thats exactly what i want 


Tell me that you love me 

I dont care if its fake 


You hurt me everyday 

With the words that you say


You're a bully 


But I cant help it 

I cant help this feeling that i have for you


Even with the words that you say

I cant bring myself to go away 


I love you 


Every hurtful comment

Every unessicary poke at my self-esteem 


You hurt me everyday 

And i dont know what to say 


Execpt, I sill love you 


You're asking way to much from me


Expectations set to high

But of course I will continue to try 


I will always try extra hard for you 

Its becuase i fear loosing you 


You're a bully 

But you're my bully 


My bully 


You hurt me so much

But I will never leave

For i love the


I love the and every

Sweet little lie you tell me


You are competly intoxicatiing 

and its destroying me 


But those sweet little lies,

they give me butterflies