Take 12, or Not

Three more tries,

not enough,

My phone screen is full of shots,

pictures of me.

Too many angles to choose from,

the filters available are endless,

but are they really me?


My words are easier to choose,

but sometimes hard to filter.

I say what I feel,

but it isn't always pretty.

I wish I could change them,

it's too late.

They have already been heard.


When someone needs a hand,

I give them mine.

I know what it is like to feel alone.

I don't want people to experience that.

Our differences don't matter when we need each other.


Judging a book by its cover is easy,

judging a person's past and personality is easier.

It's also uglier.

I've learned to accept others for who they are.

After all, the golden rule of life is:

treat others the way you want to be treated.


I am my own person,

I love myself.

Not because of how I look or what I've done,

but because of what I have learned.

The more I struggle in life,

the more experience and advice I have to offer.

I'm afraid to fail, but I take chances anyways.


I am young and ready to explore the world.

With a camera to take selfies and pictures,

to capture the beauty of life.

Without filters.

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