Teen Narcissus



Inspired by the New York Times Article “The Me Generation” By Joel Stein


I’m 19 and too smart

I think so

I’m the center of attention

The focus point

I talk and everyone listens

About me

I know what to do

If it were me I’d figure it out

I would make the better decision

I don’t under stand

Why aren’t you paying attention?

It’s clear

Well when I fail

It’s because you don’t get me

You don’t like me

You heard something wrong

They’re all out to get me

They’re all looking for me

That’s why

There is nothing wrong with me


You know I’m creative

You know that I’m smart

You know that I should succeed

Clearly, I will succeed

It will happen naturally

Even when I fail

I’ve not fallen short

You’re wrong

They’ve got a connection

Life dealt me a short hand

You feel bad for them

Because they’re not as good as me.

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