Thank you Lord, I feel better

Nobody knows and nobody understands sometimes the way you feel.
Sometimes it feels like you can't talk to anybody.
You don't want the pity but answers and a hand to reach and pull you out of the deep muck you got yourself in..
There's ultimately only One who can do that
He's always there. And will always be for me♥
He brings back my hope when I'm feeling like there is none,
He brings back my faith when I feel that I have none.
He is my love when I'm feeling it from no one.
Thank you Lord, I feel better.



I wrote this poem back in December and wanted to use it for my poem slam to encourage others that they are never alone! When I wrote this I was feeling really discouraged and a lot of times when I feel that way I know that God is the only One who understands. He's the only One I can truly find refuge in.

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