Therapuetic Race Horse Bing

sauce and tier left alone to rot
fresh under the cot a hero sought
under the pillow of a least hold of
shadows bridge the gap between the smart ass
onto an impulse with words unsung
unheard of the rest sweat tears at the test
spring from nothing left you swinging untold
mark the willingness to appear
paper steak comparment to ring
there they are off number 2 at test
the cutting edge at left
there in the distance the end was best

run the bases to recharge the message,
race horse to the heavy test...
there boast of a climb to the edge;
shades of black and white
headed heavy to the flight
use the unsung swipe

remain fast to your seat
columns to leap
tires at reach

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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