There are many me's

Sun, 08/17/2014 - 15:19 -- blg227


There are many me's as there are many you's, the kinds that keep low and hide in their minds and the kinds that speak out the truth. Have you ever noticed, when you went out to eat, that the waitress spoke sweetly and loud? Well outside of work, she speaks to her friends cruel and softly, all to draw herself a crowd, she's all into drama, but she's got that persona, that makes you tip her a dollar. Well how about the quiet girl at school, the scholar, who's top of the class and isn't too cool, she's actually fun when she can make friends, but society makes her feel like she's got to pretend, to be the shy, smart girl that no one can beat. And me. I'm a person who's different all around, especially when it comes to standing my ground, I'm not one to confront those who bully me personally, because I don't like confrontation, but sometimes I wish I had the nerve to tell them they're an abomination. I may seem nice and sweet, I don't judge those I meet, (out loud), but inside I judge and I judge with out mercy or care, like a robot who loves others disrepair. I keep it to myself, which I guess is my virtue, but between us, I don't want to know you, I love to be social with people I don't know, because there's a thrill I get from the unknown, but the people closest to me, I fear, sometimes I wish they'd all disappear. I try to be nice and happy and sweet, but that's only one side of me. I just wish you could step behind my curtain one time and see, that there are many me's in this mind. Each one wanting to roam free.


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