There She Is

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 11:39 -- lxrud11


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There she is.
The most perfect girl in the world.
She’s so elegant when she walks.
Everything she does is so graceful and empowering.
To have this chance to be with her makes me feel as if I have the entire world in my hand.
Our world.
What I wouldn’t give to be by her side every moment of the day so we could just embrace each other’s’ presence.
It’s the deep blue of her eyes and how her smile gives me chills.
The way her touch is so warm and welcoming.
Her voice so comforting when she calls my name.
If only everyday was like this.
But I still know that I have her love through it all.
Through all of the fights and disagreements.
Through all of the laughs, hugs, smiles and kisses.
Every moment of every day I have her with me.
In my heart.
The heart is not capable of letting go of such powerful things the way actors can.
The heart knows what is real and does not play games the way the mind can.
The heart truly feels and wants to feel everything.
My heart has chosen her.
It has chosen her because of all the good that she brings into my world.
All the love and care that cannot be matched by any person.
My heart is grateful for her.
For she has become part of me.
And will forever remain that way – part of me.
As a friend, a companion, as my other half.

Life can be unfair at times, but she makes it all so easy sometimes.
Every hardship is not as hard with her.
Every victory is that much sweeter.
I never knew that it was possible to feel this way about one person or
that one person could be the source of such happiness.
There have been so many things in my life that have given me reason to stop believing in love and true friendship, but she gives me every reason to believe.
All I need to do is look at her and a feeling of safety overcomes me.
I am safest in her arms.
She cares like a mother, laughs like a friend, protects like a father, and loves like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.
Every time we are apart I am reassured by the thought of her love and
the images of our reunion are sweet, but never sweeter than the reality of it.
I can only imagine the overwhelming feelings of joy I will have when we see each other again. But until that day, all I have are my thoughts of her.
And the thought of what her love means to me is the greatest thing of all.



I was feeling inspired and decided to write this about a girl very close to me. She's my best friend so I have her to thank for this.

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