There She Met A Wall

She was just a girl, but 18 years of age.

Full of love, full of life.

So much ahead, and some behind.

Decisions to make, places to see, a person to become.


They asked the girl to come to the dance.

Put on your best dress!

Look nice! Do your hair!

She was even leaving her house early,

But there she met a wall.


They asked the girl to take a picture.

Pose with your hand under your chin!

Smile! Act natural!

It was not as easy as they said,

and there she met a wall.


He told the girl she was beautiful.

Your eyes are the stars!

Your smile! Your laugh!

But the girl could not even smile,

she could not break the wall.


There came a time when the girl was afraid of the wall.

She did not leave, she did not laugh.

The girl hardly tried at all

For fear of meeting the wall.


But this girl of merely 18 years of age was smart.

Perhaps smarter than the wall...


When she met the wall next, she built a ladder and jumped over it.

She got over the wall.

When she met the wall next, she dug underneath it.

She uprooted its purpose.

When she met the wall a third time, she made a door.

The wall was no longer an obstacle at all.


The girl realized she was stronger than any wall that could stop her.

There the girl met the wall, but there the wall met the girl.

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Wowww! It began on dark, barricaded life then ended on awesomely creative positive notes wowww again. A door, a tunnel under and a ladder, yeahhh way to go poetess, inspiring . Kudos!!!!

I see comments are not common here, but interaction is good for the human touch in this cold world.  Pleez do comment/ review my newest poem too.

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